Transition to Home

V- Man in wheelchair with wife and caregiver leaving hospitalA short but innovative program designed to help the client transition from a hospital or care facility to the safety of their own home, along with a second visit to make sure that the client can make it to their initial follow-up appointment with a physician. As part of this program, the client will receive two four-hour visits, which may even begin prior to discharge.

Visit 1: Focuses on getting the client home, comfortable, and prepared to handle things on their own

The first visit may include:


  • Taking the client home from the hospital or other care facility
  • Getting the client situated and comfortable
  • A thorough evaluation of the home for fall risks and removal of those risks
  • Making sure that all prescriptions are picked up from the pharmacy
  • Ensuring that there is fresh food in the house
  • Picking up mail from the mailbox
  • Preparing a meal

Visit 2: Focuses on getting the client to their follow-up appointment or removing obstacles to the client arriving safely to their appointment.

The second visit may include:

  • Assistance with dressing, and transportation to the physicians’ office
  • A checklist and assistance with what to bring to the appointment
  • If client already has transportation to his or her appointment, this meeting will focus on readying the client for the appointment, and with activities designed to make the appointment possible, such as: light housekeeping, preparing meals, or laundry.

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